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Coming soon

Projects on AI and Ecology and 
Human&Technical cognitive assemblages

In the meantime, you could check out my latest work on or read about the AI Symbiosis project in this interview.

Product Design 

  • ESC Bluebook AR Escape Room  A&E Networks, NYC Media Lab 

  • Bluebird Playground EdTech App Teknikio 

  • Built to Play EdTech Product & Campaign Teknikio 

  • Light Lab Product Design 

Interactive Storytelling

  • Paint&Pulse Interactive Projection  

  • Victor, the Loser Interactive Installation selected and shown at GDC & Babycastles

  • Offline Wearable & Performative Storytelling  featured by New York Post  

  • A Light Read Interactive Installation Selected and shown at WINTER PLAY: NYC Game Expo

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