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ARKit2 Prototype, UX/UI


Multi-User AR Escape Room

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ESC BlueBook is an AR Escape Room experience based on Project BLUEBOOK, a popular TV series by HISTORY Channel.

January 2019, we participated in NYC Media Lab's Open Call of Multi-User AR application, a 3-month program sponsored and mentored by NYC Media Lab, A&E Networks. 

After weeks of ideation and testing, a high fidelity prototype for ESC BlueBook, a multi-user AR experience, was created and demonstrated at RLab in Apr 2019.

Project BlueBook


"HISTORY’s new drama series ‘Project Blue Book’ is based on the true, top-secret investigations into Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and related phenomena conducted by the United States Air Force from 1952 to 1969."

From History Channel Website

ESC BlueBook

AR Experience

Players: 2 - 4

Duration: 10 minutes

Background Story 

Players are trapped in a mysterious file room in Nevada Military Base during an unauthorized investigation for Bluebook cases. To escape, they need to explore and interact with virtual objects, identify clues and solve puzzles. 

Steps to Escape

Activate radio to play first clue: a sequence of numbers.

Decode the sequence with the document for second clue: a list of button names.

Push the listed buttons on the keypunch machine. Third clue comes out: a card with instruction for unlocking the cellar door.

Ask someone in Project Bluebook for hints if needed. Everyone knows different things. Choose Hynek, the smart Professor, when you have a number sequence to decode.




The cellar door can only be unlocked when there are two phones/devices. One player needs to hold on the button while the other rotates the plate.

User Flow

Host or Join

Host player selects and sets up the room by scanning the environment. Other players see Wait for Host screen until the setup is ready.

Puzzle Solving 

Tap, swipe and long hold to interact. Player feels short vibration when does something right.

Game Result&Share

Game ends and players are encouraged to share their experience and photos on social media.

Project Highlights

Marketing Value

∆ AR Escape Rooms are easier to update and requires less maintenances comparing to traditional Escape Rooms. 

∆ ESC BlueBook enriches originally passive show viewing experience by adding exciting interactions and rewarding content. 

Special Thanks

A&E Mentors: Nestor Nieves, Steven-Elliot Altman, Diane Davis Otter

NYC Media Lab Mentor: Erica Matsumoto

Next Step

Exciting news: NYC Media Lab and A&E Networks have decided to sponsor the next step of ESC BlueBook. Please check back this page or follow me on Instagram for update and future event.