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EdTech Product & Campaign Design

Built to play

A series of build-it-yourself objects that react to movements, inspiring kids to create with technology. 

My role in this project

Creative Strategy

Art Direction


Built to play is an online campaign designed for Teknikio, an educational company that creates electronic toolsets for kids, with the focus to reinforce teknikio's image of inclusiveness and playfulness.

This campaign was launched in July 2019 and brought a significant 30% increase to teknikio's website visits the first week.


Built to Play is a series of six unique and playful invention ideas using teknikio circuit boards and components. Teknikio had three main communication goals and the following is how we achieved them:  

  • Teknikio provides gender-neutral products and engages girls with STEM without adhering to stereotypes Instead of creating the common STEM themes like making robots and cars, we developed our invention ideas focusing on 1. LifeStyle: Fun objects with surprise elements. 2. Wearable Tech: Something you can wear & activate with body movements. 

  • Teknikio encourages open-ended play while providing a solid foundation that shows the user how s/he could think creatively to apply the techniques to reimagine their personal world  Our inventions ideas are inspired by everyday activities like saving money(Ferris Wheel Coin Collector), reading a book(Bookmark Lamp), and dancing(Tilt Hat) which can be easily related to by every kid.

  • Teknikio's products are scalable and can be easily reused  All inventions are made of parts from Teknikio's existing toolsets to encourages makers who already own teknikio products to re-invent by mixing components from multiple toolsets or to purchase additional parts needed.

We produced a photoshoot with each invention that features their uniqueness and playfulness then created a series of creative assets for multiple digital platforms. 


LifeStyle Invention

Ferris Wheel Coin Collector


A ferris wheel that rotates and triggers LEDs when activated by coin weight.

teknikio components & materials used

Magnet Sensor, LED Boards, Conductive Tape 

LifeStyle Invention

Bookmark Light

A night lamp, and a bookmark, that lights up by placing a book.


teknikio components & materials used

Touch Sensor, LED Board, Conductive Tape 

LifeStyle Invention

Secret Message Box


This box reveals its secret message with light when activated by rotating the cylinder handle.

teknikio components & materials used

Light Sensor, LED Boards, Conductive Tape 

Wearable Invention

Diamond LED Necklace

This necklace lights up when the snap on each end connect.


teknikio components & materials used

LED Boards, Conductive Thread 

Wearable Invention

Tilt Hat


This hat lights up when is tilted.

teknikio components & materials used

Tilt Sensor, LED Boards, Conductive Thread 

Wearable Invention

Snap-on Patches

This fanny pack has a light sensor that activates the changeable LED patches by touch.


teknikio components & materials used

Light Sensor, LED Boards, Conductive Thread 

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