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Physical Computing, Performative Installation


Paint&Pulse is an interactive canvas that projects pulsing light dots generated from the painter's heartbeats in real-time on the painting. 

Pulse&Paint visualizes and includes the painter's emotions and body movements as part of the art. Every painting made with this installation is only complete in the process of being created which makes the presence of the audience a crucial component in the experience.  

Chao Hui Tu Creative Technologist Art Me

The artist paints on the canvas wearing a glove that detects and sends pulse data to the computer. The data then becomes dynamic light dots that projected on the painting and the painter's body.


Participants are free to move around the room or sit on the floor during the performance. The projector, webcam, and computer are secured on the overhead fixture to avoid blockage for the projection.

The room and the doors are wide and easy to access to serve any diversity within the audiences.

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