ARKit2 Prototype, UI Design

An AR Escape Room to play with friends anytime and anywhere.

Physical Computing, Creative Coding

An interactive installation that allows the artist to create with his/her pulse data.

Physical Computing, Experience Design

A test machine that gets annoyed.  

Product Design, Visual Design

A series of gifts with a hidden message that can be revealed by light

Chao Hui Tu Creative Technologist Art Me
Creative Coding, Physical Computing

A Hat that announces its wearer unavailability when distracted by the phone. 

Explorational Project

A reversed Turing test for human.   


A series of gifs that say no with direct and funny visuals. 

Interactive installation

A storyteller machine that prints only a word or a dot per press. 

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 16.27.43.png
Art Direction

Promotional video for Göbie, a wearable provides pop-up play opportunities.

Chao makes products, tools, and story-driven experiences across physical and digital platforms that explore the intersection of education, technology, and playfulness.

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