Chao makes products, tools, and story-driven experiences across physical and digital platforms that explore the intersection of education, technology, and playfulness.

© 2020 by Chao Hui Tu

ARKit2 Prototype, UI Design

An AR Escape Room to play with friends anytime and anywhere.

Physical Computing, Creative Coding

An interactive installation that allows the artist to create with his/her pulse data.

Physical Computing, Experience Design

A test machine that gets annoyed.  

Product Design, Visual Design

A series of gifts with a hidden message that can be revealed by light

Chao Hui Tu Creative Technologist Art Me
Creative Coding, Physical Computing

A Hat that announces its wearer unavailability when distracted by the phone. 

Explorational Project

A reversed Turing test for human.   


A series of gifs that say no with direct and funny visuals. 

Interactive installation

A storyteller machine that prints only a word or a dot per press. 

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 16.27.43.png
Art Direction

Promotional video for Göbie, a wearable provides pop-up play opportunities.