Print Design, Illustrations 

Institute for Advanced Analytics Brochures

Brochure series for IAA, the leading institute in producing the world’s finest analytical practitioners.

Founded at North Carolina State University, the Institute for Advanced Analytics prepares data-savvy individuals for leadership in a digital world.

The institute was looking for a series of brochure designs for future communications to potential students, sponsors, and employers. The challenge was to honor the existing logo but refresh the visual personality into an energetic, innovative, and creative look. 

IAA's logo and common graphs used in data analysis


IAA's logo is a clean and simple 3D "A" character made with three tilted stripes. Based on this style, I created 3D scenes inspired by the commonly used graphs in data analysis including Scatter Plot, Bar Chart, Cosmograph, and Pie chart as themes for each brochure. 

With an emphasis on collaborations, I also include a diverse set of characters working together in each scene. 

The tilted strips in IAA's logo were transformed into the design to create a bold and energetic look. 

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